Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tyring to find my self some free time (lol)

well once again i find my self trying to find some free time away from every thing and well it not really happening but well when that happens well i have to put my self in a makebelive that i'm in my own free time so that i'm not well up in the air abt. every thing that's going on and happening a round me. for the last 3 days my little one been sick so i have been up 24/7 now seeing to it she's OK and well then its the house work and well that's some thing that's got to be done every day and well theres still a lot of UN packing to do as well and seeing to it that well the shopping and every thing else gets done and well its a good thing that well my little ones grand parents did not come over to night for dinner but well my kids dad is relay thing on asking them over for dinner so if that happens well i have to relay put on that Mrs.clean look and well and act like there son is Mr clean and well that we all live in the Ajax house on the hill next to the titty bowl man. (i wish it was so but its not ) i live in the real world so well any one who relay knows things take time to work on so well i better get back to doing my cleaning its not the best but then again no ones perfect we all do the best that we can and that's all we can do. ok i'm done heaving my fit now (LOL)

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Ginny said...

I didn't find free time till both my kids started school full time, lol.

Good luck though :)