Saturday, November 29, 2008

gotsome more partys and events for you 12-04-08

wow tommrows decmber 1st where did all the time go to? and well that means there will olny be 24 days left tell christmas. and well 6 more days tell my SON 's b-daywho well i realy did not get to spend all that much time with he well as well as his other bothers and sisters where takeing from me and my familywhen he was olny a baby to find out more abt that you have to read more back on my blog to under stand as to why. and well the day after x-mas is my other son's b-day and well this time of the year i know its to be happy and joyfull and i realy hope this year will be for me and well my little one and her dad. but i cant help but look back on well a lot of things and well every year a round this time i realy wished that well thay where here with me so that i could spend time with them and well see them open up there x-mas gifts and b-day gifts and well some time if i ever get my scaner runing i will be puting up there photos of well MY older kids so well if my oldest is on or for that WHO'S ever got them will know 1 thay are always on my mind and in my heart and never for goting and well lets just put it this way as to how and what was done to me was 100% uncalled for. and i will let it at that. other then that MARRY CHRISTMAS AND MAY WE ALL HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) p.s.look back on other post lots of events and partys that are still good and well going on. well theres also a giveaway going on at

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

some new partys events and well i got my frist book review to do as well and some new updates as well for 11-28-08

well to day i just got the book : the paper bag christmas by: kevin a. milne to well read and review and well so far it looks realy good to read 14 chapters in this book and well the chapters dont take all that long to read i just got done with the frist chapter and i'm working on reading the next one. any how more on that later and well after i get done reading it i'm going to have my little ones dad read it to see what he also thinks abt it. and now on to the partys and events. a.k.a. brird on a wire. , ok i'm just now in part 3 of the book and its realy geting good its abt this guy when he was younger and well he's a elf for christmas and well he go's to help out santa at a childrens houspteal. more later on this i got to get back reading this book to good to put down but yes i can stop blog for right now or can i?(lol)beback ok i had one more links but i for got where i put the button . (any one care to play who's got the button?lol) any how back to the book well i'm now in part 12 of it and well its realy good and well i recommind it for any one from age 10 on up it realy is a real true heart christmas story any how thats my par of the reviue and later to day i'm hopeing i can get my little one dad to tell what he thinks of it as for me i realy did like it and well its been years since i did a book reveiue but i realy hope it ok

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

re new day some more new partys and events to add 11-24-08 HVEING TO GET LINK HAVE IT UP SOON
 there you can find out more info

ok here we go here is the new partys and events for to day also still read the other post lots of things still going on and some yet to come when i'm out and abt. just takeing my blog trips for the day if i happen to see some thing i just put it up here and pass the word on it so that way others can know all abt it to .