Monday, November 10, 2008

ok i got a craft for you that i think you will all like as well as one more event

ok have you ever wonderd what to do with all them old small toys that no longer get played with? like the ones from mc d's and all the other fast food restrants well heres what i like to do with them and have been doing for years now turning them in to x-mas oramints for the tree if thay are not to big or hevey thay will work grate al you need is a glu gun and some ribbing and some little eye hook scrues you use the glu to help keep the ribbing in place on well the ty babys and other stuff toys and you can also do this on the other ones too but well i found on some of them you need some thing strong that will hold so well thats where the eye hooks come in hand and well it works. any how heres the link http://www.sewmamasew/ also please read the other post there are alot of other blog partys and events going on and well to try and save some space here i well put some of the other buttons and links in some of my older post and well i would not want you to miss any of them things to that are going on

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