Saturday, July 10, 2010

well what a trip i been on since well god knows when lol olny if you did know

well its been mo's since i been on line and well i'am i on any thing? HELL NO I'M NOT THANK YOU VERRY MUCH! but no as to well my children's dad's yes there on some thing and have been for some time as for me i well have one more year of clean time from drinking and well is like one of my words i like to say verry much and yes i do talk like this to all the time and well lets just say i'm in wisconsin some place and well as for my kids ? and well as for my oldest child she did not run away thank you so verry much . but well it's been some time since i have been on line due to well family dealings now that I'm back on well I'm going to stay on . it' drives me nuts haveing to be home all the time and well have no time to go to my meetings some thing that well some one who like to think there well normal would never under stand for if thay did under stand it then well thay would not be all that normeal as well thay realy like to think thay are. and well that would be the turth well i just want to say i'm well happy to be back on line here.