Friday, February 27, 2009

re:some more partys and events that are going on and just geting ready to start up03/01/09to03/31/09and some upcomeing partys for april, may ok heres the frist of them and look back in older post for some of them and well in march here i have 2 b-day kids my little one who will be 2 tommrow and well her older bother terrell he be 12 and well my he have a verry happy b-day where ever he is well at. his b-day is on the 21st.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

here is my review on lombok home furnishing's

well here we go my review of lombok this is a real nice web site from united kingdom and well thay have some of the most nice and neat home furnishings and things for the home such as these items shown they also have other items such as bedding coffie tables candles and other home furnising items here are a few items they carry and the links to veiw their web page all of their products appear to be well made and of a good quality and offered at good price for the item what caught my attention and interest in this web site was this storage box and many other goodies.
logbasket: you could also use this finely crafted basket for many other things what ever you can think of storage and hauling things check this out and the many other things lombok offers

laundrybasket: another fine example of fine workman ship check this out on your way through this site of many fine items

lampshades: they have these also in many differnt styles and colours and sizes they also sell lamps beds tables and other home items and linens and home items well thats my take on this site thanks for reading this review of this company and hope you may go see what they have to offer thumbs up to this site

Friday, February 20, 2009

ok whats new here with me well you will just have to read this to find out

well as to whats new to day well not much other then i got my rest of my info so i can get ready to do a review here on my blog as to what well you will have to wait un tell tommrow some time to read and see all abt it but well i think it will be a realy grate review and well i also think you all will love what i will be reviewing so get ready for it. i can tell you it is some realy grate stuff for the home i have seen it and well it will be just a review nothing more then that but hay its a start. and yes any time some ones got a review or some thing thay love for me to test or try out i'm game for it i alway love doing stuff like that any time theres a new sample of some thing well i have got to give it a try the other day i tryed a sample of captivating curls by sunsilk it well was pretty nice it had a verry grate smell to it and every thing but since well my hair is not as curly as it use to be it well realy did not do much for what curl i have left but i know if i still had my curls it well would have worked a lot better. and well the web site i think where i may have went to get my sample i tryed out was at thay also show you diffent kinds of hair styles you can try out. oh also the post befor this one keep a eye on that one becuse thats where i will be posting more partys and events as well

Sunday, February 15, 2009

more partys and events that are going on and some thing i love to do. more new post for 2/20/09 you know me if i see some thing that needs to get the word out on or that i think is realy neet i'm going to post it so just hang on for the ride one never knows where i go next here or well what i will find . and well if you have not yet heard abt this well on february 24th 2009 from 7am tell 10 pm IHOP willgiveing out a free stack of pancakes and accepting donations for the children's miracle network as well. i think the 24th is well pancake day this year . yes there is a day where you can get pancakes all day or well most of the day any way and its a realy neet and fun thing to go to but i for got who puts it on every year. ok heres some thing i realy would love to start doing and thats testing and reviewing things i well think that would be realy fun to do i did over this winter get to reviews a book and it was a lot of fun to do and well i realy would love to do more of that kind of stuff for that it would be fun i think. also if any ones got a up comeing party or event let me know i be happy to do a post for you as well .

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Hearts day to you may you have a good one

well to the days the day for lovers and soon to be lovers just as soon as the love bug gets them so thay say any way i wish you all a happy feb. 14 th 2009 may it be a good one. but for me to day its just a diffent day the same as it was yester day or well some what. well i wanted to show off the cute things i found to day so far its not much but its some thing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ok here are the kids this mothers trying to find . also have some party links as well for you2/7/09

ok here are well my children i'm trying to find some of the last knowed photos that well i have of them i have others well i'm to find to pass on to well my children and to the family that has them now but well as soon as i find them i pass them on . darrel is my oldest boy he's the one siting by the p.c. katrine is the girl on the rug the other photo of the other girl in the chair is cherokee and then you have the one of terrell and jarrell. the photo's on top is of jarrell and nathaneal (jarrell the red head) any how i just wanted to well show off my photos of them and well if you do know them or have seen them be for just let me know after all no matter what i'am there mother and theres not a thing you can realy do abt it . and i love my children verry much. and the other grate news thats been going on this week not much but well my bothers oldest boy came to town and is well staying with my family and well i have not seen him since he was 10 years old and well i cant wait to get to see him here soon i'm hopeing tommow i get time to stop by to see him but if not well when he gets time i know he will come and see me other then that not much is new in my part of the world other then my little one danceing a round with a lite shade on her head lol it's too cute.
also look back on older post there may be a part or 2 still going on as well