Sunday, February 15, 2009

more partys and events that are going on and some thing i love to do. more new post for 2/20/09 you know me if i see some thing that needs to get the word out on or that i think is realy neet i'm going to post it so just hang on for the ride one never knows where i go next here or well what i will find . and well if you have not yet heard abt this well on february 24th 2009 from 7am tell 10 pm IHOP willgiveing out a free stack of pancakes and accepting donations for the children's miracle network as well. i think the 24th is well pancake day this year . yes there is a day where you can get pancakes all day or well most of the day any way and its a realy neet and fun thing to go to but i for got who puts it on every year. ok heres some thing i realy would love to start doing and thats testing and reviewing things i well think that would be realy fun to do i did over this winter get to reviews a book and it was a lot of fun to do and well i realy would love to do more of that kind of stuff for that it would be fun i think. also if any ones got a up comeing party or event let me know i be happy to do a post for you as well .

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