Tuesday, September 30, 2008

new foot note to my genealogy

well i did find my clidie bowen and well in 1911 she also had died of some kind of poisoning and well she was married to a case? or could nellie been married to a case befor my g-grand pa??? in any case well i'm realy hoping i find out more on well my family 's

Monday, September 29, 2008

can some one please tell me what my real last name is ? lol

well last night i was doing some more genealogy work on my family tree line and well i found out some more info and well i kind of wish i could still figer out some of the missing keys to my tree line as for well my g-grand pas parents any way this is what i found : in the 1900 sinces i found my g-grand pa as to his family info at that time i reads john b. bowen home in 1900 : justice precinct 2 harris, texas age 29 born jul 1870 tx race white ethnicity:american farther and mother brith place tx (but what i was told was john was born in tenn) he (john married my g-grand mother:nellie in 1894 in tx she was 18 years old in 1900 she was born in aug 1881 maine? her parents where also said to have been born in maine (bute sill dont know on that) the children at the time who where liveing where clydie bowen age 4 born in 1895 tx ? minnie bowen age 1 born in 1899 the 3rd child was: wesley bowen he was 2 years old when he passed a way he was born in jun 1897 there was al so a james mc fee (aka james bowen) age 87 born may 1813 texas his parents came from maine it reads that he was just a friend liveing with them . residence justice precincts 1-2(all west of gulf, colorado & santa fe r.r. outside huston city)harris ,tx then in 1910 we have them liveing in mclennan co,tx in a little town out of waco,tx and this is what info i got on the sinces john bowen 39, nellie 28 ,clydie 14 ,minnie 10, johnnie 7, gordon 3, van berl (i know him as jole van)1 born 8/12/1909 ,leroy bowen (my grand pa) born 2/12/1910 tx but wait theres more (lol) some time in 1910 or maybe 1911 john (my g-grand pa was killed he died from some kind of poison i found this info in mclennan co,texas in some funearl home doc's that where on there genealogy site . also some time after that my g-grand mother married a arnold mack gibbs and had chliden by him as well and thay where said to have lived in waco tx but in the 1920 secins i found my nellie liveing in eastland ,tx and also found my grand pa under the last name of gibbs a long with some others at that time he would have olny been 10 years of age . any how what i know abt my family is that some of them did work for the r.r. and that at one time well not on my grand pa's side of the family but on my grand motherside of the family her grand pa john dewberry had owned a lot of land and to day where the city of housten sits is said to have been part of the land he had own and well i also had found out that my nellie and my grand mothers mother where 3rd cousents ove on the jones side of the family (any how things are what thay are) and well any time i go in to work on the family tree as to the family names i know of so far i some how keep runing in to the same kin i have a bowen a gibbs and some other family name's that i know i'm realated to sticking out at me every time i try to work on any of my family tree lines (some time i have to post all the family tree lines so that others can see them to help out as to the missing keys) in any way working on a family tree can be lots of fun and well in a way your also learning abt history too there are a lot of cool things as to famus history found as well. but any how i did also look at the 1880 secnes and and here is what i found as to john bowen : (as to could any of them be my g-grand pa ? just maybe thay could be but i just dont know) but here thay are john bowen son of henry & addie bowen born abt 1879 tx , john bowen son of : j.j. & amanda j. bowen abt 1880(now could that be a worng brith year?) john so of mary bowen born abt 1856, john d. bowen son of; thomas & lovaun bowen abt. 1868 tx (could this be him?) john m. bowen the bother of martin bowen of east land ,tx born 1868. or john w. bowen son of john &lethe born abt 1876 tx? well thats what i have came up with so far and then well theres my dads and bothers and sisters info to but then on one of them we have the name for my grand pa lested as francis leroy bowen so go figer whats going on here as to the family and well whats my name ??? Lol . any how heres a like to some genealogy sites http://www.youngsanders.org (by the way the name sanders /saunders i'm kin to them as well some where in the mixof it all) http://www.olivetreegenealogy.com well i'm going back to looking up more info and as well as history what i'm looking up beside my family history is info on orphanage's and poor frams and poor house and asylums just well to have some thing to read also see what missin keys of the family tree are there as well.

Friday, September 19, 2008

heres some of my genealogy as to work i did on just one of my family trees

here's some thing i relay in joy doing and well and that's genealogy and well i would love to show my family tree file to every one but the olny way i can even do that is by sending every one to well my old group page here on line so if you would like to see that here's the like for it it's free to join the group and well since i no longer have control on who go's in or out of it well theres no telling who's all there so be careful any how here's the link http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/jennys_worldof_ghost/ i hope i did that right but well that's where my genealogy file was on well one of the first family's here in America . and well here are also some more link's to some genealogy sites http://www.rootsweb.com and http://www.genealogy.com http://www.usgenweb.com http://www.usgenweb.net and well why would i want to blog abt this well who knows some one just may have one of my miny missing keys in there family tree as well and well i'm always working on the tree and looking for that missing kin to me family tree. not olny that but i'm always willing to help out with this kind of stuff as well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tyring to find my self some free time (lol)

well once again i find my self trying to find some free time away from every thing and well it not really happening but well when that happens well i have to put my self in a makebelive that i'm in my own free time so that i'm not well up in the air abt. every thing that's going on and happening a round me. for the last 3 days my little one been sick so i have been up 24/7 now seeing to it she's OK and well then its the house work and well that's some thing that's got to be done every day and well theres still a lot of UN packing to do as well and seeing to it that well the shopping and every thing else gets done and well its a good thing that well my little ones grand parents did not come over to night for dinner but well my kids dad is relay thing on asking them over for dinner so if that happens well i have to relay put on that Mrs.clean look and well and act like there son is Mr clean and well that we all live in the Ajax house on the hill next to the titty bowl man. (i wish it was so but its not ) i live in the real world so well any one who relay knows things take time to work on so well i better get back to doing my cleaning its not the best but then again no ones perfect we all do the best that we can and that's all we can do. ok i'm done heaving my fit now (LOL)

Monday, September 15, 2008

ok if that link dont work try this

hi just me if that link dont work try it this way www.spiderbites.nytimes.com

realy cool web page i found got to see if your in to genealogy or even history

i found this web page when i was looking for info on jay-eye-see the race horse (who's story i find to be pretty neet aswell) any how here it go's http://www.spiderbites.nytimes.com thay have in there artices from way back when some of the neets storys thay go from 1851 on up to 2008 some of them are free pages other you have to pay for but theres a list there it a got to see

Thursday, September 11, 2008

being wakeing up 3 in the moring

well its nothing like being wakening up at 3:00 am not so much by the little one but by house guess yep my friend who's stay over here wakes me and my little ones dad up and said that see seen some one out her window thoghing rock's at the window then said seen some one out in the parking lot well i got up and i did not see or even hear any thing but well i called the cop's just in case since well when the own of this place go's home for the night its up to me to see to it that no one brakes in and that nothing is going on in the parking lot. on Monday the owner informed us to start keeping are eyes and ears open as to whats going on a round here because well there has been a lot of other places here in the neighborhood getting broking in to i told the owner we would do so and well since i have control on the lite's in the parking lot and i pay the bill for the lites that are being used most of the time i keep them off . any how the cops did come out and take a look a round and well that did find a homeless guy sleeping out side on the side of the place back where the house next store and this place meet at and well thay said that thay where going to give him a ride to the homeless place that's up the st from my home you see where i stay at well at one time be for the new owner had got this place it had been a funeral home and the other home next store was also owned by the old owners as well as the other home that 's next to that and well any how so well now just 1 more thing to go and see to and that's well no ones out in the back sleeping in a way its kind of funny but not since well now days you just never know and well for the most part its well peace full a round here and well this thing abt the homeless well i to can understand that well thay too need a place to stay and well there is all kinds of places thay can go but well why here was the guy that dumb to think know one would know he was back there? did he not think that this place was also some ones home?? any how that's done now and well as long as i'm here that will not be happing again i will see to that so as soon as one of the Lady's come in to the office to day i let them know so thay can let the owner know so she as well as us can figer out what to do with that part out side.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ok some thing else i just have to blog abt got to see this

ok one of my other fav place's here on line to do more eye shoping at is : http://www.annegeddes.com she has the most cute's dolls and things i also just love her artwork if you have not gone over to her site go and see it i think you will love it as much as i do

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

just bloging abt one of the other places here and line i love to eye shop at

here on line well i like to eye shop for me eye shopping is just like doing a lot of window shopping any how well here's the place http://www.gooseberrypatch.com and well what do i like in there online web store? well here we go i relay like all them neet things thay have for the kicthen and well thay also have the cutes bubble night lights and well relay sweet bears and cool things for the kids too . and well stuff that well would relay take you back to being in grand ma's house for the weekend. any how thay have a lot of relay neet stuff.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

digging a round in the grown on asylum ave (aka taylor ave) in racine LOL see what i found

well as i was out just walking back from the store i found a old ink bottle well part of one that well was uncover when thay where working on the road (thay still are but well there almost done with it) any how as to how long it had been there? but well who to say walk all by it dont know but well i was the one who found it its a old wisconsin stonewear from around the 1800's also i had found some other pices of pre war glass and a old pice of granted that i take it must have came from a oldfire place mantell and some realy old pices of cloe and well it was just a lot of fun finding all them things as to where i found them was not to far a way from my home in fact right out in fount of it and well my home as to what it had been for now most of the town knows that well it use to be a funearl home from 1928 up untell 2003 (i think) and well befor that it was some ones home one of the owners of this place befor it had been a funearl home was a edward b adams i also found some info on him and so did one of are town historen's for me and well he lived here with a boyd r. adams and clarence i take them to be his son's (still trying to find out more on them and well every one else that was here befor meLOL that well stay may be here for all i know but i can tell you this place has got ghost and its ok by me) any how the adams family thay had a manerfactey where thay made bolster springs ? as to what thay are i dont know but i love to find out. any how how my st got its name was from the taylor family and from the home thay ran for children who well had no familys . back in the 1800's up untell? any way that place is well just down the st. from my home but befor the st had been knowed as that it was knowed as the wilmot plank road. and well theres just all kinds of neet things abt racine wi to find out more just read my blog's or do a search here on line.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

some thing else i found to blog abt . old abe

well you may ask your self who old abe is and why would i want to blog abt him well that's a good one (lol) but well how i found out abt. him was not from no history book in school but well from taken a trip so Minny years a go to Vicksburg's Mississippi that's how i found out abt old abe the war eagle. and well whats his story well he was a eagle who was from Wisconsin who had been taking from a nest when he was only 4 mo's old (i think i got that part right ) tared to a farmer for some of his corn . the Farmer then gave him to 8th Calvary old abe was used for a mascot by them in the cleverly war and well he was in the Battle that was at Vicksburg and thay have a big monument of him in the cemetery any way old abe died of old age. and well he was also used as the logo for case co. and well that company is also here in my town and has been for Minny years but well back to old abe i find his story abt him to be relay neet.

Friday, September 5, 2008

i just got my fair indigo cat to day :)

wow i just got my catalog to day and well i just had to blog abt the things i like in this cat as well as at there store here on line frist off there web page is http://www.fairndigo.com/ there located here in wi and well ok now for the things i like in the cat and at there site
. frist off a set of ear rings i seen them at there site and well i just had to show them i think there kind of cute
what got my eye on them well the black stones . the pair to the left of them are called snowdrop earringsthay are real nice i think and thay have a lot of other jewelry that well i like to thats realy nice and well i also like this bag i think its just so cool its called hand knit sweater bag and then well thay got one of the most cute's things i have ever seen for a baby the name for it is joobles and well i have icy the penguin showed here but well thay also have a :giraffe, dog , bear,cow,bunny,bee,cat,and mounky and well i just think thay are realy sweet thay also have just so much nice things any way i had to blog abt my new catalog and well some of the things i like in it

to day is the last day of the blog trip so whats there to do a round here?

well to days the last day for the blog trip or is it (lol) as for whats there to do a round here a lot just well take a look at all the post and well for more info you can always do a search and learn more abt. racine wi. as for me to day well i'm going to be bloging most of the day last night i found well one of my fav movie clips in both new and old and that was willy wonka and the chocolate factory the best part of that movie as to the old one well the oompa loompas and there song and well what i like abt the new movie of it? well i still love the oompa loompas and the music but as to what movie i like best the old or new?? i that thay both where good . and well my oldest boy his name is darrel and well this was one of his fav movies as well and when he was little he told his oldest sister to well leason to what the oompa loompas where saying becuse well thay had a message that thay where trying to tell and well when he said that to his sister i asked him what the message was and he told me it was to leason and to behave and mind what you where told to do. and well i think he got that kind of right he told me and his sister this when he was olny 5 years old . and well my other son jerrell when he was abt 5 he to had seen the movie and well his comment on it was that oompa loompas where scarry and that thay scarred kids and that he wanted to be a oompa loompa to that i had to (lol) as for my other kids there fav movie was wizzerd of oz (that by the way is also one of my fav's too) and well on that movie i ask my kids what thay liked the most abt the movie and well some of the things i got out of them where well my oldest jess well she liked the every thing abt it. but well my olest boy darrell hejust liked the tin man and the lion and scarcrow and the fyling monkeys and that in this movie as well was sending a message (and well i have to sayyes it was sending a message aand well every movie well i did see with my son he was always right to well the message's that where being told when he frist said this i had to think abt it but well now i can realy see he was right on that facter) as for my other kids well thay also like the whole movie. as well like there older sister. and well looking back on that for me it realy makes me wished i realy did know if thay where ok or not and well wished that thay could be here with me and there little sister who well just turn 18 mo's and well her fav thing now is turning off and on the tv olny when her dad is home and well when her fav shows are not on the t.v. but when her shows are on the tv boy let me tell you she has got to see them all so to fix that so well others can also see what thay want well she to has got her verry own t.v. (and i know some parents wold not think this is right and thats for a 18mo old to well have there own t.v. and to see what ever thay want but well hay if it works to help the kid from messing with the mean tv in the liveing room/family room then i say go for it have a t.v. in every room of your home that way well every one can be happy thay can see what thay want to see. and well at frist i was not ok with this but well now i'm) well ok got to run be back l;ater to post some more

Thursday, September 4, 2008

rain on a roof top any one care to go for a swimg ? (lol)

well it's raining here in racine wi to day and as you can see the roof top at my place is almost full of water and well it looks kind of like a pool (lol) and well there also been working on the road out side for some time and when it gets done it will be a realy nice st. as for shoping here in racine well we do have a nice mall and lots of stores and even 2nd hand stores and auntiqe stores too and well we also don't live to farr a way from the big city's like milwakee, and shy town the windy city as i call it and we also not to farr away from the gunne mall and 6 flags grate america so in all i guess you can say its not to bad of a place to be but i still wish i was in muncie, in thats also a realy nice town too. thay have some neet things down there as well may be on my next post i show you some of that town. now back to my town as to some more grate places to get some thing to eat well we have rosie's on taylor its just a little place but thay make some good food too and theres drangos on washaton av thay realy make some good food. if i think of any thing else i be back to post it . as for me to day i think i do some more work on my genealogy stuff yes thats one more thing i love to do here on line. who knows maybe some day i will blog abt that as well

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

oh al most for got one of the places i love to eat every one that comes to my town has to go and well get a hambugger

now when you come here to my town this is like a must its after all a city landmark and you can get some realy good food

ok now i can show you some please here in my city

ok heres my city and well sorry abt the wait on this but i had a heard time puting in my web page the right way (lol) and well this is olny some of the things here in racine most of the cool things happen and go on in the summer mo's here but thers a lot to do .

Monday, September 1, 2008

this is abt where i'm from for the blog trip

hi well since i'm also on the blog trip i think i could tell you a little abt my home town well i live in racine, wi and well what do we have here in my home town as to do or see? well we have a zoo and well theres johnson wax i think thay do give out truers to the place and well we have a lot of festabiels in the summer and we also have a museum and well one of the things that well my town famus for as to history is well some time in the 1930's jon dillanger robed a bank here and well theres a lot of just neet stuff here in the city of racine .