Monday, September 29, 2008

can some one please tell me what my real last name is ? lol

well last night i was doing some more genealogy work on my family tree line and well i found out some more info and well i kind of wish i could still figer out some of the missing keys to my tree line as for well my g-grand pas parents any way this is what i found : in the 1900 sinces i found my g-grand pa as to his family info at that time i reads john b. bowen home in 1900 : justice precinct 2 harris, texas age 29 born jul 1870 tx race white ethnicity:american farther and mother brith place tx (but what i was told was john was born in tenn) he (john married my g-grand mother:nellie in 1894 in tx she was 18 years old in 1900 she was born in aug 1881 maine? her parents where also said to have been born in maine (bute sill dont know on that) the children at the time who where liveing where clydie bowen age 4 born in 1895 tx ? minnie bowen age 1 born in 1899 the 3rd child was: wesley bowen he was 2 years old when he passed a way he was born in jun 1897 there was al so a james mc fee (aka james bowen) age 87 born may 1813 texas his parents came from maine it reads that he was just a friend liveing with them . residence justice precincts 1-2(all west of gulf, colorado & santa fe r.r. outside huston city)harris ,tx then in 1910 we have them liveing in mclennan co,tx in a little town out of waco,tx and this is what info i got on the sinces john bowen 39, nellie 28 ,clydie 14 ,minnie 10, johnnie 7, gordon 3, van berl (i know him as jole van)1 born 8/12/1909 ,leroy bowen (my grand pa) born 2/12/1910 tx but wait theres more (lol) some time in 1910 or maybe 1911 john (my g-grand pa was killed he died from some kind of poison i found this info in mclennan co,texas in some funearl home doc's that where on there genealogy site . also some time after that my g-grand mother married a arnold mack gibbs and had chliden by him as well and thay where said to have lived in waco tx but in the 1920 secins i found my nellie liveing in eastland ,tx and also found my grand pa under the last name of gibbs a long with some others at that time he would have olny been 10 years of age . any how what i know abt my family is that some of them did work for the r.r. and that at one time well not on my grand pa's side of the family but on my grand motherside of the family her grand pa john dewberry had owned a lot of land and to day where the city of housten sits is said to have been part of the land he had own and well i also had found out that my nellie and my grand mothers mother where 3rd cousents ove on the jones side of the family (any how things are what thay are) and well any time i go in to work on the family tree as to the family names i know of so far i some how keep runing in to the same kin i have a bowen a gibbs and some other family name's that i know i'm realated to sticking out at me every time i try to work on any of my family tree lines (some time i have to post all the family tree lines so that others can see them to help out as to the missing keys) in any way working on a family tree can be lots of fun and well in a way your also learning abt history too there are a lot of cool things as to famus history found as well. but any how i did also look at the 1880 secnes and and here is what i found as to john bowen : (as to could any of them be my g-grand pa ? just maybe thay could be but i just dont know) but here thay are john bowen son of henry & addie bowen born abt 1879 tx , john bowen son of : j.j. & amanda j. bowen abt 1880(now could that be a worng brith year?) john so of mary bowen born abt 1856, john d. bowen son of; thomas & lovaun bowen abt. 1868 tx (could this be him?) john m. bowen the bother of martin bowen of east land ,tx born 1868. or john w. bowen son of john &lethe born abt 1876 tx? well thats what i have came up with so far and then well theres my dads and bothers and sisters info to but then on one of them we have the name for my grand pa lested as francis leroy bowen so go figer whats going on here as to the family and well whats my name ??? Lol . any how heres a like to some genealogy sites (by the way the name sanders /saunders i'm kin to them as well some where in the mixof it all) well i'm going back to looking up more info and as well as history what i'm looking up beside my family history is info on orphanage's and poor frams and poor house and asylums just well to have some thing to read also see what missin keys of the family tree are there as well.

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