Sunday, December 28, 2008

wow the big move its not going as it should but oh well it will get done i hope

well i'm to be moveing to a new home here soon no not here on line lol but well to a new place for me and my family to live and well things are not well going in the way i would love them to go but i think i will make the best of it and do what i got to do and thats well pull my self a way from all the free time i have and that would be verry little if any at all i olny have one day to pull off the move and well i think it shell work. on the 26th well that was my son jarrell's b-day on that day well i for got to blog to wish him a happy b-day where ever hes at and well i hope hes doing ok. and well the next big b-days are well mine and then my son terrells is in march and well hes almost 11 years older then his baby sister and 18 mo's older then his bother jarrell i kind of realy do wish that well thay could see me and well there sister i just know thay would injoy that as much as we would but oh well some things will have to wait in the mean time i should get back to packing so i can get ready for the big move .

Sunday, December 21, 2008

ok so what do you guys all think of the roots on line store?

ok so well what do you think of the roots on line store? the web address is no its not the genealogy site i'm talking abt. but well a store that has some realy neet l-fits for kids and well for the whole family its a store from canada thats been a round since 1973. and up untell i got up bavk here on line and well started doing my blog i never had knowed any thing abt this store any who i well love there tees and well things thay got for the kids. thay even have some nice things for us lady's and well we cant for get abt are pet thay have a pet line too . and right now thay have a sale going on to . well go and see for your self you too i hope think its a well neet store here on line.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

has this ever happen to you?

ok now i dont know if this has ever happen to any of you or not but well for some time now my mail that well would be comeing to my home does not show up or come and well this been going on now for some time its like one week or every other i get my mail the next it does come and well i dont know what the matter or whats happing but well just the other day i had to well call the us post office and ups fedx and so on to have them try and fix this so well my mail can get to me . and well i just hope its some thing thay can fix. and well if any one has got some packages there still trying to get to me and well you do have my mailing address please e-mail me so i can tell you what you have to do so it will get to me thanks much .

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

some thing i feel is a must we all must do! also a long with that some more events and partys and so on

now i dont know abt how you may feel abt this but i feel its verry worng to well thake a way are right to have for that make hand made things and well i see it like this it's just one other way thay can try and make some more money for the big guys for that same other way to take a way are rights and so on to me i realy do feel its 100% uncalled for . and well if you feel and think the same way go ovet to cool mom picks and sing up help put a stop and save handmade !!!!! for more info see the link

Friday, December 5, 2008

O come E all fathfull let's us injoy the events and stuff here on line 12-15-08 for more info.

 well here its the 5th already and welli cant wait to get going on well every thing just 2 more days and my youngest son he be haveing his 5th b-day and well i realy do hope hes still with the other kids and that well thay are not being lied to by any one as to well things even thogh i have a realy good feeling that well the ones that got them now are doing so and well as to how thay got them i can tell you this thay as to the new parents to my older children where lied to by who well who ever gavethem to them and yes i will say this and thats what ever thay had been told abt me was nothing but lies i was a victom just like my children where of the sistum . and if there where some way that i could get them back i would do it i realy do miss my older children and wished that i could be with them or well just know that thay are ok and as to how thay are doing . but well olny time will tell on things so well i just let it up to god as to how things will be and well at this time of the year is a sad and verry heard time for me in regard to well it all. but thats in the past and well all you can do is live in the prezent and take it one day at a time. and well the reason its could the prezent is becuase god gave it to us and when you are in the prezent well thats when you are with him (god) it takes a lot time for some to see and reallize that but for others like my self it verry eazy to understand it and to comrohand it so to day i'm just going to do what i do best and well try and just live :) also please do read the old post some of the links are to partys and events that are going on right now and some yet to come.