Sunday, December 28, 2008

wow the big move its not going as it should but oh well it will get done i hope

well i'm to be moveing to a new home here soon no not here on line lol but well to a new place for me and my family to live and well things are not well going in the way i would love them to go but i think i will make the best of it and do what i got to do and thats well pull my self a way from all the free time i have and that would be verry little if any at all i olny have one day to pull off the move and well i think it shell work. on the 26th well that was my son jarrell's b-day on that day well i for got to blog to wish him a happy b-day where ever hes at and well i hope hes doing ok. and well the next big b-days are well mine and then my son terrells is in march and well hes almost 11 years older then his baby sister and 18 mo's older then his bother jarrell i kind of realy do wish that well thay could see me and well there sister i just know thay would injoy that as much as we would but oh well some things will have to wait in the mean time i should get back to packing so i can get ready for the big move .

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Femin Susan said...

Wishing you " A Happy 2009”.