Saturday, August 30, 2008

to day i made my own baby lags

well to day i made my little one a pair of baby lags out of a pair of girl neehigh socks size 9 to 11 and in all thay where verry easy to make all i had to do is cut the feet off of them (lol) and well the socks well thay olny cost me 1.00 buck a a doller store so well if you mom's are looking for a way to save some money and well what the hipest fashions heres a way to do so .

Thursday, August 7, 2008

who want's to ride the crazy train for free with me ?lol

well i have now been back here in wi now for a mo and well things are crazyer then the way i left them . my oldest is going to be 18 in 2 mo's and well for what ever reason and this been this way for some time now when i do try and get a hold of her well she dose not want to talk to me and well thats ok but well when i went to court here the other day thay tryed to make it look like i was not doing what i was to be doing and every thing and well i was told some time back that well if my oldest did not want to do what where to do thats been orderd to do by the courts as a family then well there was no reason why i sould be there as to seeing a thereapist that well me and her where to see togetter so i left it at that . any way now i'm haveing to well wait to see what to happens next but well things are just crazy all a round me and well i'm just doing my best to keep cool and well i'm now kind of happy becuase well my milk caps at the store for holemilk are once agian red no more haveing to look for green caps (lol) down in muncie the milk caps where green and red not red and blue and well there red ones where 2% and wellgeting use to as well as things a rond you that well your use to at times is realy heard but onece you do get useto something trying to get back to what you do know you find that its all new to you all over again also. but on the other hand i realy do thank good for all my blessing that i do have now as well as some of the things i had then as well and well i realy wish that well i could know as to how all the rest of my kids are doing and well what thay think and well whats going on with them . as for my olest well shes truned her back not olny on me but on her dad as well and well years a go i well walk away from him (oldest ones dad )becuse well where i was in life at that time was not wanting to go down that same road why well his way of life its not for any one and well my road may not be the best but its a lot better then his and well my olest i think in ways is a lot like me but she dose not evensee it yet and well every one tells me give it time she will come a round so wll thhats all i can do on all of it .