Tuesday, March 25, 2008

some more info on my children

well on the 21st of march was my son terrlls b-day , the next b day thats comeing up is kathrine 's on may 15th after that darrell's may 27th then cherokee's on oct 2nd the day after her big sisters b-day after that comes nathneal's on 12/7 then jarrell's the day after x-mas 12/26 the one thig that sits jarrell diffent then the other kids is he's the olny red head of the bunch

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

hi the resason for this is i hopes some one can help me i'm realy wanting to find my kid my children where takeing from me from the state of wisconsin and to this day i feel tht i was done verry worng by the city that i had lived in up in wisconsin . my childen thay are all still in wisconsin and well thay mean a lot to me for that mean a lot to there grand mother as well who also live's in wisconsin any way the childens name's are : darrel warren n. ,terrell wayne n. , jarrell william n . cherokee s.r. n , kathrine elizabeth n. and nathinel wallas david n. as to where or who may have them? dont know but well i as there mother realy would like to know not so much where there at right now but well that thay are ok an in time well i hope that thay will be once more back with me and there grand mother and there new sister as well as with thee sister jess (who also is in wisconsin) yes i know some may ask what kind of mother i'm well to let every one know i'm a verry good mother for what unknowed reasons to me as well as others as to why what had been done to me is unknowed but for what reason's my children for that the new parents where told as o me i can tell you is 100% worng . the olny info i know as to where thay wen(my children) where that thay went so i was told by a friend of mine who did know one of the familys my children did live with that thay all went to a family up in the uper part of wisconsin and well the lady who may be there new mother her name may be :judy . so please if any one knows or can for that even will help please do so . i miss them verry much