Friday, September 5, 2008

i just got my fair indigo cat to day :)

wow i just got my catalog to day and well i just had to blog abt the things i like in this cat as well as at there store here on line frist off there web page is there located here in wi and well ok now for the things i like in the cat and at there site
. frist off a set of ear rings i seen them at there site and well i just had to show them i think there kind of cute
what got my eye on them well the black stones . the pair to the left of them are called snowdrop earringsthay are real nice i think and thay have a lot of other jewelry that well i like to thats realy nice and well i also like this bag i think its just so cool its called hand knit sweater bag and then well thay got one of the most cute's things i have ever seen for a baby the name for it is joobles and well i have icy the penguin showed here but well thay also have a :giraffe, dog , bear,cow,bunny,bee,cat,and mounky and well i just think thay are realy sweet thay also have just so much nice things any way i had to blog abt my new catalog and well some of the things i like in it

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