Friday, September 19, 2008

heres some of my genealogy as to work i did on just one of my family trees

here's some thing i relay in joy doing and well and that's genealogy and well i would love to show my family tree file to every one but the olny way i can even do that is by sending every one to well my old group page here on line so if you would like to see that here's the like for it it's free to join the group and well since i no longer have control on who go's in or out of it well theres no telling who's all there so be careful any how here's the link i hope i did that right but well that's where my genealogy file was on well one of the first family's here in America . and well here are also some more link's to some genealogy sites and and well why would i want to blog abt this well who knows some one just may have one of my miny missing keys in there family tree as well and well i'm always working on the tree and looking for that missing kin to me family tree. not olny that but i'm always willing to help out with this kind of stuff as well.

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Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I love learning about my family history too. My mom is really into it as well. It's exciting to make new discoveries and learn about our ancestors!