Saturday, September 6, 2008

some thing else i found to blog abt . old abe

well you may ask your self who old abe is and why would i want to blog abt him well that's a good one (lol) but well how i found out abt. him was not from no history book in school but well from taken a trip so Minny years a go to Vicksburg's Mississippi that's how i found out abt old abe the war eagle. and well whats his story well he was a eagle who was from Wisconsin who had been taking from a nest when he was only 4 mo's old (i think i got that part right ) tared to a farmer for some of his corn . the Farmer then gave him to 8th Calvary old abe was used for a mascot by them in the cleverly war and well he was in the Battle that was at Vicksburg and thay have a big monument of him in the cemetery any way old abe died of old age. and well he was also used as the logo for case co. and well that company is also here in my town and has been for Minny years but well back to old abe i find his story abt him to be relay neet.

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