Friday, September 5, 2008

to day is the last day of the blog trip so whats there to do a round here?

well to days the last day for the blog trip or is it (lol) as for whats there to do a round here a lot just well take a look at all the post and well for more info you can always do a search and learn more abt. racine wi. as for me to day well i'm going to be bloging most of the day last night i found well one of my fav movie clips in both new and old and that was willy wonka and the chocolate factory the best part of that movie as to the old one well the oompa loompas and there song and well what i like abt the new movie of it? well i still love the oompa loompas and the music but as to what movie i like best the old or new?? i that thay both where good . and well my oldest boy his name is darrel and well this was one of his fav movies as well and when he was little he told his oldest sister to well leason to what the oompa loompas where saying becuse well thay had a message that thay where trying to tell and well when he said that to his sister i asked him what the message was and he told me it was to leason and to behave and mind what you where told to do. and well i think he got that kind of right he told me and his sister this when he was olny 5 years old . and well my other son jerrell when he was abt 5 he to had seen the movie and well his comment on it was that oompa loompas where scarry and that thay scarred kids and that he wanted to be a oompa loompa to that i had to (lol) as for my other kids there fav movie was wizzerd of oz (that by the way is also one of my fav's too) and well on that movie i ask my kids what thay liked the most abt the movie and well some of the things i got out of them where well my oldest jess well she liked the every thing abt it. but well my olest boy darrell hejust liked the tin man and the lion and scarcrow and the fyling monkeys and that in this movie as well was sending a message (and well i have to sayyes it was sending a message aand well every movie well i did see with my son he was always right to well the message's that where being told when he frist said this i had to think abt it but well now i can realy see he was right on that facter) as for my other kids well thay also like the whole movie. as well like there older sister. and well looking back on that for me it realy makes me wished i realy did know if thay where ok or not and well wished that thay could be here with me and there little sister who well just turn 18 mo's and well her fav thing now is turning off and on the tv olny when her dad is home and well when her fav shows are not on the t.v. but when her shows are on the tv boy let me tell you she has got to see them all so to fix that so well others can also see what thay want well she to has got her verry own t.v. (and i know some parents wold not think this is right and thats for a 18mo old to well have there own t.v. and to see what ever thay want but well hay if it works to help the kid from messing with the mean tv in the liveing room/family room then i say go for it have a t.v. in every room of your home that way well every one can be happy thay can see what thay want to see. and well at frist i was not ok with this but well now i'm) well ok got to run be back l;ater to post some more

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