Thursday, September 4, 2008

rain on a roof top any one care to go for a swimg ? (lol)

well it's raining here in racine wi to day and as you can see the roof top at my place is almost full of water and well it looks kind of like a pool (lol) and well there also been working on the road out side for some time and when it gets done it will be a realy nice st. as for shoping here in racine well we do have a nice mall and lots of stores and even 2nd hand stores and auntiqe stores too and well we also don't live to farr a way from the big city's like milwakee, and shy town the windy city as i call it and we also not to farr away from the gunne mall and 6 flags grate america so in all i guess you can say its not to bad of a place to be but i still wish i was in muncie, in thats also a realy nice town too. thay have some neet things down there as well may be on my next post i show you some of that town. now back to my town as to some more grate places to get some thing to eat well we have rosie's on taylor its just a little place but thay make some good food too and theres drangos on washaton av thay realy make some good food. if i think of any thing else i be back to post it . as for me to day i think i do some more work on my genealogy stuff yes thats one more thing i love to do here on line. who knows maybe some day i will blog abt that as well

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Andrea said...

Wow... that's alot of rain.