Thursday, September 11, 2008

being wakeing up 3 in the moring

well its nothing like being wakening up at 3:00 am not so much by the little one but by house guess yep my friend who's stay over here wakes me and my little ones dad up and said that see seen some one out her window thoghing rock's at the window then said seen some one out in the parking lot well i got up and i did not see or even hear any thing but well i called the cop's just in case since well when the own of this place go's home for the night its up to me to see to it that no one brakes in and that nothing is going on in the parking lot. on Monday the owner informed us to start keeping are eyes and ears open as to whats going on a round here because well there has been a lot of other places here in the neighborhood getting broking in to i told the owner we would do so and well since i have control on the lite's in the parking lot and i pay the bill for the lites that are being used most of the time i keep them off . any how the cops did come out and take a look a round and well that did find a homeless guy sleeping out side on the side of the place back where the house next store and this place meet at and well thay said that thay where going to give him a ride to the homeless place that's up the st from my home you see where i stay at well at one time be for the new owner had got this place it had been a funeral home and the other home next store was also owned by the old owners as well as the other home that 's next to that and well any how so well now just 1 more thing to go and see to and that's well no ones out in the back sleeping in a way its kind of funny but not since well now days you just never know and well for the most part its well peace full a round here and well this thing abt the homeless well i to can understand that well thay too need a place to stay and well there is all kinds of places thay can go but well why here was the guy that dumb to think know one would know he was back there? did he not think that this place was also some ones home?? any how that's done now and well as long as i'm here that will not be happing again i will see to that so as soon as one of the Lady's come in to the office to day i let them know so thay can let the owner know so she as well as us can figer out what to do with that part out side.

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