Sunday, September 7, 2008

digging a round in the grown on asylum ave (aka taylor ave) in racine LOL see what i found

well as i was out just walking back from the store i found a old ink bottle well part of one that well was uncover when thay where working on the road (thay still are but well there almost done with it) any how as to how long it had been there? but well who to say walk all by it dont know but well i was the one who found it its a old wisconsin stonewear from around the 1800's also i had found some other pices of pre war glass and a old pice of granted that i take it must have came from a oldfire place mantell and some realy old pices of cloe and well it was just a lot of fun finding all them things as to where i found them was not to far a way from my home in fact right out in fount of it and well my home as to what it had been for now most of the town knows that well it use to be a funearl home from 1928 up untell 2003 (i think) and well befor that it was some ones home one of the owners of this place befor it had been a funearl home was a edward b adams i also found some info on him and so did one of are town historen's for me and well he lived here with a boyd r. adams and clarence i take them to be his son's (still trying to find out more on them and well every one else that was here befor meLOL that well stay may be here for all i know but i can tell you this place has got ghost and its ok by me) any how the adams family thay had a manerfactey where thay made bolster springs ? as to what thay are i dont know but i love to find out. any how how my st got its name was from the taylor family and from the home thay ran for children who well had no familys . back in the 1800's up untell? any way that place is well just down the st. from my home but befor the st had been knowed as that it was knowed as the wilmot plank road. and well theres just all kinds of neet things abt racine wi to find out more just read my blog's or do a search here on line.

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