Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ok here are the kids this mothers trying to find . also have some party links as well for you2/7/09



ok here are well my children i'm trying to find some of the last knowed photos that well i have of them i have others well i'm to find to pass on to well my children and to the family that has them now but well as soon as i find them i pass them on . darrel is my oldest boy he's the one siting by the p.c. katrine is the girl on the rug the other photo of the other girl in the chair is cherokee and then you have the one of terrell and jarrell. the photo's on top is of jarrell and nathaneal (jarrell the red head) any how i just wanted to well show off my photos of them and well if you do know them or have seen them be for just let me know after all no matter what i'am there mother and theres not a thing you can realy do abt it . and i love my children verry much. and the other grate news thats been going on this week not much but well my bothers oldest boy came to town and is well staying with my family and well i have not seen him since he was 10 years old and well i cant wait to get to see him here soon i'm hopeing tommow i get time to stop by to see him but if not well when he gets time i know he will come and see me other then that not much is new in my part of the world other then my little one danceing a round with a lite shade on her head lol it's too cute.
also look back on older post there may be a part or 2 still going on as well

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