Friday, February 20, 2009

ok whats new here with me well you will just have to read this to find out

well as to whats new to day well not much other then i got my rest of my info so i can get ready to do a review here on my blog as to what well you will have to wait un tell tommrow some time to read and see all abt it but well i think it will be a realy grate review and well i also think you all will love what i will be reviewing so get ready for it. i can tell you it is some realy grate stuff for the home i have seen it and well it will be just a review nothing more then that but hay its a start. and yes any time some ones got a review or some thing thay love for me to test or try out i'm game for it i alway love doing stuff like that any time theres a new sample of some thing well i have got to give it a try the other day i tryed a sample of captivating curls by sunsilk it well was pretty nice it had a verry grate smell to it and every thing but since well my hair is not as curly as it use to be it well realy did not do much for what curl i have left but i know if i still had my curls it well would have worked a lot better. and well the web site i think where i may have went to get my sample i tryed out was at thay also show you diffent kinds of hair styles you can try out. oh also the post befor this one keep a eye on that one becuse thats where i will be posting more partys and events as well

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