Saturday, November 29, 2008

gotsome more partys and events for you 12-04-08

wow tommrows decmber 1st where did all the time go to? and well that means there will olny be 24 days left tell christmas. and well 6 more days tell my SON 's b-daywho well i realy did not get to spend all that much time with he well as well as his other bothers and sisters where takeing from me and my familywhen he was olny a baby to find out more abt that you have to read more back on my blog to under stand as to why. and well the day after x-mas is my other son's b-day and well this time of the year i know its to be happy and joyfull and i realy hope this year will be for me and well my little one and her dad. but i cant help but look back on well a lot of things and well every year a round this time i realy wished that well thay where here with me so that i could spend time with them and well see them open up there x-mas gifts and b-day gifts and well some time if i ever get my scaner runing i will be puting up there photos of well MY older kids so well if my oldest is on or for that WHO'S ever got them will know 1 thay are always on my mind and in my heart and never for goting and well lets just put it this way as to how and what was done to me was 100% uncalled for. and i will let it at that. other then that MARRY CHRISTMAS AND MAY WE ALL HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) p.s.look back on other post lots of events and partys that are still good and well going on. well theres also a giveaway going on at


24/7 MOMS said...

Thanks for posting the 24/7 MOMS 25 days of giveaways

Trisha Novotny

Michelle said...

thank you for your comment about winning the fun with food contest! I appreciate it!