Sunday, October 5, 2008

re to days still the 5th and i'm still me lol

well to day was a good day i got to see all my childhood friend's that well are like family to day well i got to see some of them some of the girls that i well use to hang out with when i was younger where not there but thats okand well i got to see some of my best friends older sisters kids to me even thogh thay where there kids i well use to help babysist and take care of them so well there kind of like my kids to me as well and well most of them are all grown up and well have kids that are the same age as my kids and well i just think thats wild. and well i got to also see my other mom's my best friend mom as well as my bothers best friends mom to me are just like my mom 's too becuse well when my mom use to work long hr's on her job some times i would stay at my best friend house or down the st with my bothers best friends or at well some one else house that well we use to hang out with when we where kids and well yes some of my bother and mine's best friends bother and sisters just could not under stand at the time as to well why i was al ways over there house and well not at home but as thay got older thay started to see and know why and well now days thay too are just like my best friends and well it was just lots of fun to get to see them and well hang out with them for the day. its just too bad thay well my oldest could not have been there for that i did not bring a long my little one but well the way i see it is well it was a baby shower and well no kids for that men should be there unless thay have to be but well now days baby shower's are not just for woman thay are also for the guys too lol but in all i had fun and well some of the shower games i did play like well one was the name tag game and well every one had to go by a made up name that had to go with giveing brith and with bays and mom to be and well i went by egg and if any one said my real name thay well where out of the game and had to take off there name tag. and we also had to play one other game with the name tag to well come up with the right name mom to be had on her name tage and the one that was right got a prize i won that one and well the other one some one else won and we also had a nigless with dipper pins on it and well any time we said baby well some one would take a pin from us and the one who had the most got a prize too. and well it was realy fun to have got out for a bit to day .

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