Sunday, October 26, 2008

its halloween so dose any one want to see some ghost

well here are some realy old photos of me and some of my kids and if you look at some of the potos you can see the ghost that are in the photos when thay where takeing the things you see in some of the photos was not there the frist photo is well the new years eve photo 's in the 2nd photo if you look on the left side of the photo is where its at the next photo down is a photo of my older boys at there grand mom'shomes and well theres a white mist coovering over my one boy jarrell then in the next photo's down the one is of me and my 2 older kids back in 1996 but the 2 next to them is of me when i was 17 and the photo's where takeing down in miss in boluxie and if you look at them you can see a mist a round me the last one was takeing a round the same time but in burham ,al in fount of one of the realy old homes and well since it is al most halloween i just wanted to show them off . as for ghost well i realy do think there neet and yes thay are real

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