Wednesday, October 1, 2008

happy oct 1st 2008

well to day is oct 1st and well my oldest is now 18teen and well let me see what did i do to day well i had went out with my little one we went out to the pumpkin farm and well it was her frist time going out to one and well i know she had a good time but well she just did not know what to make of all the pumpkins and gords for that the indian corn she tryed to eat every thing we showed her and she also tryed to play ball with a pumpkin and well she also had a fun time danceing and rocking out to the music that was being played at the pumpkin farm heres well some of the photos i had goting to day of her and every thing and well i'm going to try and get back out to the pumpkin farm here some time again befor fall is over so i can get some more photos of my little one . also see abt doing some apple picking too so i can make some candy apples thats one of the things i love in the fall also carving pumpkins and well just being out walking a round looking at every thing and well have fun in the fall and well seeing my little one in joying her self with well every thing realy makes me happy.

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Sherry said...

love the pics like she having great fun :)