Thursday, October 2, 2008

happy oct 2nd 2008 wishing a happy b-day to cherokee

well to days my cherokee's b-day and well i realy hope shes haveing a nice b-day here some place in wisconsin (if your wanting to know more well you have to go back to my frist post) any how yester day was her bigsister's b-day and well jess is at the age to do what she wants with out haveing any one tell her what to do(so she thinks)lol any how well i just wanted to realy wish my cherokee squia rose a verry happy birth day . on the other hand well has any one tryed the new bounce awakenings yet? i just got my sample here in the mail to day the sample is renew -refresh and it dose smell to it and well i be trying it out this week end when i go and do the wash at my mom's house in her new washer (well kind of new) she got it at the habatat store here in are town its kind of like a 2nd hand store but well its olny open up to every one 3 days aweek and well you can get all kinds of thengs there like dressers and washer's and dryers and stuff to well fix up your home with and the other day when it was open she went and got me a dresser for my little girls room and well it may be old but well its still nice its a dresser from the 1930's or may be 1940's it has wooding weeals on it so that kind of gives a way its age and its in art deco stayel. and it go's to show as to well what neice things you can find in places like that. and as you can kind of see from the photo it's well nice

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Jenn said...

I bought a box of that bounce last weekend and used it a couple times this week,I like it.