Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i have 2 newpost and i was thinking abt doing this and would like to know who love to also take part in it?

hi well here are to more things going on frist one link is and the 2nd is i wont be takeing part in it since well i dont make or sell any crafts but well i want to pas the info a long for other who do so thay can also take part in it. any how i was just thinking how abt a genealogy fest and well thats where well we all post are genealogy and well try and help each other out as to finding info and well see just how minny family ties we can put to getter just some thing i was thinking abt. and well last night i had got more info on my greenside of the family and well its stuff i have seen and well had the feeling that well them greens where my g-grand mas family but well every one keep teling me there could be no way but well last night i got a copie of my g-grand ma's death recard and found out some more info also was giveing the web site with all my green info as well. any how i think it would be kindof fun to doand thats have a genealogy fest. what do you all think of that? and well i have all kinds of family trees that well i know i'm kin to and well we all could just see how miny of the lines we can tie to getter . well just let me know what you think and well as to how to put it and geting it started.

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