Saturday, May 30, 2009

something kind of new for you and pretty good too.

ok well i just got done makeing some thing to eat and well what it was a whats for dinner kit the alfredo one but un sted of puting chicken in it i well had ground turkey and i had a can of aspagus and well it worked out realy good not well like the box said to do but some what kind of lol with a little of this and that one can make a lot the other day i made well some kind of meal out of a bag of green gieant broccoli and cheese hambuger and can potatos and i put all the mix on a flour tortilla the put some cheese on top and it was good and well i also put in some steak seasoning ,onio powder ,french fry seasoning when i had cooked up the hambuger and can potatos. so well if you ever get the time give it a try you may also like it


Megan said...

It's always fun to try new recipes! =)

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