Thursday, July 2, 2009

happy day i found one of the kids now i olny got 6 more to find i thank god for that

good news well i found one of my children the other day my oldest well she was here in town and well come to find out she was just a round the block from me staying with her boy friend shes of age so i cant say much to well whos shes with but i can olny hope he dose not turn out to be well a walk a way joe on her since well hes 10 1/2 years older then her i yet have got to meet him his older bother well is my age and he went to school with me but yet i realy dont recall ever hang out with him back in the day but yet i just may have since well there also from my old nabberhood but in any case i'm realy happy to have one of my older kids back with me and i know there little sister is happy too geting to be with and see and know her older sister. i realy hope that well every thing will be ok . other then that not much is going on i been realy bizzy with every thing. but i'm still here on line some place

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