Tuesday, May 5, 2009

may birthdays and some more events and partys

ok well we are in may now and well i have 2 happy b-days i like to send out here on my blog and well thay are to my kids the frist one to my girl kathrine elzabeth she will be turning 7 on the 15th and the other is to my son darrel who well will be 16 this year on the 27th and well just 2 more years and well i hope i will be hearing from him after all hes still my son as well as all the rest of kids and no mater what no one can take that from me no mater what of how rich or other wise ok when it comes down to it yes i'm up set that i cant spend any time with them or even bewith them at times but hay what real mother in there right mind would not be? any how well i hope thay are doing ok and well i realy do wish them a happy b-day . and now on to a blog event/party's . also look back on some of the older post there may be some still going on. dont want any one to miss any of them . also i do have some reviews comeing up i'm just runing late on some of them since well we had some kind of ful or some thing going on here in my home now some time and i'm always the last one to get it but this time now that i have my zyrtec's i'm hopeing i will not get sick i have well some kind of upperrespiratory allegie that has to do with my nose with out the zyrtec well i stay sick but as long as i take it i do realy well and like i say it has some thing to do with my inside of my nose the air hole on one side is not fully open and been that way since i was verry young in away you can say its just one of them things i was born with. but oh well thats life .

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