Friday, May 29, 2009

i'm so happy i just got me some new make up and i cant tell you how grate it is

wow i'm i so ever happy i just got me some new make up and well its realy grate the kind that i have is purity mineral make up and well i have been useing it now here for the last 2and i just realy love it there web site is and well olny if i could get my camra to work then i show you all how it looks on me but well my cramra for some reason not working so that means i'm haveing to go out and get a new one but oh well any how i just wanted to let you know abt. the make up and well the site. and as soon as i can get time to realy get back in to do some more bloging i will be in here if not every day every other day doing so this last mo. well i have been so bizzy well working on so minny things a round here in my home that well i just have not found time to do much of any thing here online. and well i hope i be back here soon i realy do miss bloging .

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