Wednesday, September 29, 2010

whats just on my mind to day right now ?

well just in like 2 days it will be my oldest girl jessicas b-day and well i have not heard from her since she went off to live in courtlin,ny and well at time i do wonder if shes doing ok since shes my oldest but well she's no longer a kid and is now all grown up and married but well as a mom i do wounder well how shes doing and things. then well the day after that will be my other girls b-day and well with cherokee as well i realy do wonder how here and her other bothers and sister are doing since i have not seen them since well thay where takeing from me by the state of wisconsin just so well thay could get out of haveing a biglawsuite since thay do know as well as others with what thay did do to me and the children was so verry worng any how i try my best to not to well think abt that as well as other things since well to day is adiffent day and well i just have to see and wait for my oldest boy to get in contack with me and well then from there i know as to whats going on with all the kids and beside that i have got to keep my self to getter since well i got a new family and i haveing to do all i can to keep us to geter. but well if my other children want to be with us and well get to know us thay are more then welcome to do so hell so are there new parents more then welcome to get to know me and my new family i dont hold nothing as to bad feeling to them but well i just feel that well thay do need to know the truth as to well what went down and did happen. any way if any one is whating to know just where are my other 6 kids :cherokee,darrel,terrell,jarrell,katherin,nathanel well there some wheres here in wisconsin. as for there dad well he is the main reason things happen the way thay did do i know where he is ? yes i do and well hes liveing in indiania liveing a doubble life as to how long that has been going on with him well i have to say all his life this man or should i say so call man is well a no good for thingof a person and well if i had knowd that years a go i would have never got with him in the fist place. any how thats stuff i try not to think abt so well i will just think abt the good things i have and well have had for some time now and that is welli'm with a realy grate guy that well i been friends with for years and well me and him have a realy grate kid to getter and well at times i do think that well maybe i should have gone for what it is that i do have years befor well every thing that did happen to me but well i think maybe thats why thay say we live and we learn i dont know? any howfor some reason here the other day when i was on line reading my mail my x dad try to i'm me 2 diffent times as to why or how come? dont know but well when some one tell's you to go and take a long hike or to let them be why cant thay take the hint?? and well do i dis like the guy no i just dont like what hes doing for that what he done to me and his children all becuse well he wishs tobe the way he is thats all . ok now i'm realy done talking abt that but i do realy wish my 2 girls a verry happy b-days and hope thay are doing ok and well i'm looking forword to next mo. after all it will be time for halloween and then turkey day and then x-mas and so on but for next mo. i'm going to try and well find stuff to blog abt that has to do with halloween and things as well as some of the other things i find to be realy neet. and well if you dont hear from me here as to whats new just come over and hang out with me on face book or where ever else i may be here on line well i got to run face book is calling me i realy injoy playing the games over there like farmsvilland night clubcity and so on once you start playing them you can stop playing them lol . well i had to say what was on my mind right now so i hope others will understand.

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