Wednesday, September 1, 2010

to day is the frist day of school for this year .

well to day is the frist day of school for well some of us but to day my girl did not have to go but well i had to go and pick up her school papers and things to get her started and well she was to go to school tommrow but since it is laberday weekend she gets off from going to school tell next week in a way it helps out alot since it will give me some time to get the things she will need this school year but on the other hand untell her aunt takes her to go up to thethe family cabin for laberday weekend i have to well have here at home with me all day long tommrow dont get me worng now i do love being with my child but well some times i do like to have some time for my self to do what i got to do for not olny my self but for my home as well since well for the last 3 mo's i have been haveing to deal with and take care of her dad since well hes been kind of well not his self since his mother died and well i'm hopeing come monday he will get back in to being the man i know he can be and is most of the time. at times liveing with the man it can be like liveing with mr;juckeal and mr: hided. here are some well photos of him and my child at state fair this year. phot's of him on one of his better days. well thats all thats new for my home and my family for to day other then just trying to think of what to do this week end since well i have lots of house work and free time on my hands to do not olny that but got to get back in to doing my meetings and things since my summer has now come to a end in a way i have to say i'm happy with that now i can realy get back to the work i injoy doing.

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Stephie C said...

Hey Jenny you won a free hair accessory on my blog from a store called The Tea Bagz lady...she said she has tried emailing you but hasn't heard back...just wanted to make sure you had given me the correct email! Thanks!