Saturday, October 2, 2010

we just got are 3 mini american girl doll

well we just got are 3rd minni american girl as you know american girl dolls are one of the best dolls a round i find that with each one that we get well we just cant wait to get are next one so far the3 you see here are well the ones we have and well as some of you may know that well all 2 here are well 3 of them that are no longer going to be made now i do know you can no longer get the biger ones like this but as for the little one? but in any case i have to say i'm happy with the ones we do have i started geting the minni dolls 3 yaers ago as to why well its just some thing i had always wanted to get for my older girls but well never did get since well the bigger ones cost a lot of money and well i did not even know that thay made the minni dolls untell 2005 by that time well my older children where no longer with me so at that time it made know since to well get them since i had no one to get them for any more but when my 3 year old came a long and wellthats when i once more had a reason to start geting dolls again and i yet have not let her play with the minni dolls but then on the other hand i do let her play with the biger kriston doll that well her older sister jess (who's now in ny) gave to here befor she movied and well how jess came upwith the doll well some years a go when she was liveing in a fousterhome that is what thay had goting her for x-mass any how when my 3 year old was giveing the doll she went nuts over it ever since then well she play's with it most every day i asked her if she recalled who had gave her that doll since its almost been a year since her sister moved to ny and she told me and i also asked her if she did know where her sister went to she told me:"sissy went to new york" i then asked her if she did know the doll's name and she told me the dolls name as well and well at 3 years old one wood not think well she couldrecall things like that but she did so well that was pretty cool

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