Wednesday, August 11, 2010

how are all the stars you ever got to meet?

ok well i was some place that well just made me what to come up with this blog post and well i was just wanting to know who else out there has ever got to meet some of there all time stars thay like? for me well i goting to meet back in the day :slash and duff of "well back then" g&r at well a show thay came out and well just kicked it with all of us befor the show had started that same night i also got to meet bojoiv when i was siting in the vip boxs at the show i well use to have some one who was a good friend of mine who's family owned the place the show was at that well got me in to the vip siting. i also well was in a video for poison ."every rose" i was the girl who looked like she was crying in the video so if you ever see it then well you know what i did look like back in the day. and well some say that i still do look like i did back then but i dont think so i think i look a lot diffent. i also got to meet lue diemon phillps . so well who have you ever got to meet i like to know??

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Stephie C said...

You won a barrette on my blog! Please email me your email addy so I can pass onto the etsy shop owner :) sunni 08 at