Monday, August 2, 2010


the? have you gave your dog a hug to day?? well no but i did yester day well kind of i should say he gave me one yester day "lol" i will not go there on that one but well . any way we just got a new dog his name is "huckalberry" hes a 3 year old pitbull/lab/jack rustell treier. one of the coolest nice dogs i have ever had in my life time be for geting him i had a american bull dog who was also a realy neet and cool dog. and well you think that have well them kind of dogs a round childern would be not well all that good and things but well thay are verry nice dogs as long as you bring them up right there a lot like kids. my 3 year old well shes got to goover to where i keep the dog and well so far her and the dog have goting a long just grate just as soon as i can here i'm going to be adding new photos. and well doing up my bolg but for right now i'm just going to keep it this way.

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