Saturday, March 7, 2009

movies i think every one should see if thay have not yet seen them and if thay have seen them i say see them again

ok this is going to be my post on well some movies i think every one should see so its kind of going to be a on go thing so you may have to look back on this post to see what movies i add too it as i go a long here. so thay can be old and some new and well just abt any kind of movie as well since i well dont go to the movies all that much but well i do see a lot of movies on dvd and video . so well here we go here: my frist movie i think is realy good is: #1 . i'am sam with sean penn and micelle pfeiffer . now for any one who well can understand well what its like to be well a parent, for that with a disablity and have had some what like what happen in the movie then well you can realy get in to it and have a grate understaning of it. #2 martian child with john cusack and bobby coleman and amanda peet this movie is a verry sweet and dear movie that will hit you in your heart and well make you cry and bring out that iner child of yours the frist time i seen it well it made me cry. #3 the miracle worker(this is a movie abt part of the life of helen killer and anne sallivan)hallie kate eisenberg plays helen and alison elliott plays ann. what can i tell you abt this movie? well i think it was some thing realy neet (in well real life helen did learn to talk and wright as well read brail) and well i say this movie is a realy good movie to see with the family so are the other 2 and well most of the movies i like well you can say thay are family movies but then some are not but well thay are movies i well think every one should see. well them are the frist 3 i have well seen as well as reseen here . come back for the rest of them

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Tricia said...

I still have not seen Martian Child. I need to rent it.