Thursday, March 26, 2009

i got mine did you get yours?

ok this is a review on some things i goting here in the mail and on well a thing i well be have going on here at my house here next mo. frist things frist well i gotin the mail a oral-b toothbrush for my girl to try out that came in here the other day from she speakes and well she has not yet use it but well i know she cant wait to use it now i think oral -b is one of the best you can get there are also a lot of other nice ones out there as well. any how my next thing i love to let every one know abt is well my house party i will be haveing since its by rsvp and most every one that will be comeing are friends and family and well what will i be trying out with all my party goer's/ well some juicy juice and well it should be fun this well is going to be my frist house party so well i still dont know what to think of it but i will do my best to make it a real good one. and well some other well stuff but its not a review . its just well whats happing in my world and thats well my x-the guy whos my (kids that i'm trying to find's dad) well hes back and me being the person i'm and that well my bothers keeper and yes i love my naber as i love my self too and well i also try my heards to turn the other cheekeand all that good stuff that well it said to do in the lords prare why becuse that is what you are to do and thats love not hate and any time well my friends or even family come to me and ask me for help i will try and do what i can for them also at the same time know not to seal my self short so well he bestay with my mom and sleeping with the dog and the cats and well helping her out untell he can get a place of his own or untell he well takes off again what ever come frist lol yes i know every one ask me what i'm i thinking i'm i nuts or just crazy but hay i'm just trying to do the right thing and thats help some one out when thay are down on there luck and see what has happen i know but well i cant change the past and well the olny thing i can do right now is live in the present and that means liveing life one day at a time and yes i can do that after all its not called the present for nothing i see it as a gift from the guy in the sky so i try my best to make each day of it a good one. any how well i realy do hope this time he will keep his self out of all the he said she stuff that go's a round this well town since well as long as you keep from all of that then things are ok as for me well i'm going to have to get my self back in to some alnon and well aa yes i said that just as soon as i can so that well i can deal with every thing on a good stand point you see i been well in that stuff for years most of time out of the porgrams but with my feet on the grown and doing what i have got to do to keep things going good as for me well i have been clean now since 7-14-2005 thats after i had sliped but well be for i had sliped i had ben clean for al most 13 years but on what may call a dry drink . and well i will tell you if it had not been for alnon and aa i think i be still out there but knowing where i came from and where i have been know thats not some place i want to be so i keep on doing what i got to do to be right and well i realy do say and speake from the heart when i say this if any one needs help for this kind of stuff i'm talking abt right now get it no matter what once you do get it keep it but also give it way when need too but never lose it . it realy does work at frist you may not think so but as time go's on you will see well it dose work just like every thing it takes time but in the long run you will feel it working . and now every one will know whats going on in my world lol is my plate full yet? no its olny 1/2 always got to keep on a going

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