Sunday, March 22, 2009

I MADE CHILY FROM A TOACO BELL DINNER KIT HRARES HOW YOU DO THAT also found a contest in my cereal bowl to day as well this you got to read alsolookbackin other post of even more partys and events going on and are going to begoing on i post as i find them.

ok well last night every one wanted tocao's but well i realy did not have all the stuff to make them with so well heres what i did i had a tocao bell dinner kit i well had takeing and did what it said to do with the meat but since i like to add ouion with my tocao mix and meat i put that in it too then i well did have some can tomatos i well i put it in the pot a long with a can of refride beans and then it be came chily but well i still had the tocao shells so well i put the chily in them a long with some american cheese and we had chily tocao's well i had left overs from that so to night we had chilyhot dogs on bread and it was good so in the long run i made to meals in one from a tocao bell dinner kit. i think thats pretty cool and well if you ever get thime to give it a try i say go for it. and well when i was geting a bowl of gloden puffs i found a flyer and well to find out more on that go too looks like it may be some thing neet you have tell 7-31-2009 to enter


Bailey's Leaf said...

Bless your heart! Never thought of using a taco kit, though I do admit to putting taco seasoning in my chili.

Chili is a good thing. I had the annual chili luncheon at church and hubs asked me about helping with something. I told him that I had the church thing. "But, you are choosing church over me? [insert laugh]" "Honey, but it's chili!"

He understood completely!

Thanks for stopping in on ye ole blog. Glad to have you along for the ride! :)

Fresh Mommy said...

Well that sounds good. We love chili and tacos!! Making 2 meals out of 1 is always a big hit as well! Thanks for sharing.