Monday, April 6, 2009

its genealogy time

this is a photo of me when i was 18teen i'm with my mom in this photo. and well i was thinking it would be nice to pull out a photo of me to go with this nice photo of my g-grand mom and her bother and sister that way well just may be it would help with well figering out just one is my grate grand mother.

this is a photo of my g-grand mother: nellie f. green and here bother and siserter but well as to what lady in the photo is my g-grand mother? her bothers name is d.erastus green her sister is nancy green there parents where rev. benjamin green (aka b.g. green ben green) and mary manda sandlin thay where from texas benjamin's prents where : caleb p green sr. and nancy and mandas where: daniel sandlin and mary ann sandlin(she also had a nother name) and well thay are from al now daniel;s parents where littelton sandlin and moring green and mary anns where john sandlin and susannah parker james thay where from sc&nc . and well right now i realy would love to find out what one in this phot is my g-grand mother nellie i also love to well find and get more photos of my family as well. and well some of the other family trees i'm working on are bowen, dewberry/dueberry ,tuck (from va),jones and i have miny more to well add yes i think i may know most of them but then who knows one new one may come up in my work on well this part of the family side all the familys i'm working on right now are all on my dads sied of the family. and well if you have any of them let me know

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