Sunday, January 11, 2009

to day i'm just borad so well i just wanted to wright some more stuff abt my genlogy stuff

ok well i do know the family tree my bowen family does come from and well i also found out just how i was related to lizzy borden what i mean by that is well i had knowed that some of her aunsisters well where kin to my bowens but never realy had knowed how from the info i found and well do know abt my bowen family tree lines as well as others who are rellated to me but never realy had knowed how any way come to find out her dad's dad mother 's dad's dad was mygggggggg-grand pa or something like that.? so well its kindof cool to know i well do have famus auntsisters and well we all know who lizzy borden is and well what she was famus for but well some thing in my heart tells me she did not do it and that it had been some one else who did but well will thay ever find out as to who had done it? any how her story is a realy kind of grate mistory in history there also others in the family who where famus as well for other things too and well each there storys i find to bee neet i think it may be one of the other reason's why i like genealogy becuse in a way its also learning abt, history.

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